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Living the Legacy

LTP Tap (previously known as Legacy Tap Project) was founded in 2004 as a 501c(3) organization, whose mission is dedicated to exploring and preserving historical tap choreography through instruction, performance and education. At the encouragement of Dianne Walker, LTP Tap was founded by Deb Jones, Stacy Gayan and Suzi Blonder with the purpose of exploring historical tap works. We are a group of tap dancers who meet weekly to share the love of tap. Although we come from different walks of life, our passion for tap ties us together. The group’s collaborative style allows each person to grow in their creative process. 



Over the past 18 years, LTP Tap has hosted master classes and intensives with leading artists in the industry, sharing historical tap choreography with dancers. Once a week tappers from the North Texas area continue to meet to share historical combinations, steps and choreography from noted tap artists. 

Beginning in 2005, LTP Tap began hosting the yearly tap intensive - Fall Classics to further promote tap artistry in the dance community.  As part of the Fall Classic series, LTP has hosted numerous notable tap dancers including: Jay Fagan, Derick Grant, Acia Gray, Ray Hesselink Josh Hilberman, Nicole Hockenberry, John Klaus, Brenna Kuhn, and Barbara Phillips.


LTP Tap also hosts Encore!  A summer event where we invite an artist back to DFW to work further with us.  LTP Tap continues to partner with various individuals and organizations in the Dallas/Fort Worth tap community to offer instruction and performance that support the mission of fostering this true American art form.


  • Leon Collins #1, #2, #3, #4

  • Buster Brown's "Laura" & "Fascinating Rhythm/Just You, Just Me"

  • Copasetics' "Chair Dance"

  • Honi Coles "Walk Around"

  • Leon Collins #53

  • Steve Condos BS Chorus

  • Dianne Walker's "Cute"

  • Eddie Brown's BS Chorus

  • Nicholas Brothers "Lucky Numbers"

  • Buster Brown's "Fascinating Rhythm/Just You Just Me"

  • Ray Hesselink's "Hawaiian War Chant"

  • Jay Fagan's "I Love Paris"

  • Bill Robinson's "Doing the New Low Down"

  • Glenn Turnbull "Ain't She Sweet"

  • Josh Hilberman's  "Capella Josh" & "I'm On a Seesaw - Soft Shoe"

  • Charles "Cookie" Cooke's "Strike up the Band"

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